We believe that the future of maritime operations is unmanned and that innovation in automation will drive industry standards and continually broaden operational possibilities.

This developed robotic ship is both an innovative product and a service delivery platform that can perform different tasks as well parcel and cargo transportation services. Various modules can be attached to the robotic ship base platform, such as sonar, suitable for different surveys of seabed and fish shoals, oil spill detection sensors, cameras, equipment suitable for underwater work etc. It is an open platform. As client you can integrate your own devices with it.

Monitoring the marine environment

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Nymo can be fitted with various sensors for marine environment monitoring like LDI ROW 0-2311A oil spill detector or LDI Algae row A-2300A water quality sensor.

Waste collection

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Waste collection is realized by electromechanical filtrating 100l waste collection module or oil skimmer, that is able to extract oils and other similar pollutants from water surface.


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Nymo is also able to carry sonar equipment for seabed mapping or various search missions.

Rescue and cargo carring

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As rescue platform can Nymo act as search vessel and use its sonar, radar and camera equipment to find the sources of distress signals or people from sea in case of man overboard rescue missions. It can also be used as an automatic tugboat and emergency fuel carrier for smaller motorboats.

Cargo bay of Nymo can carry up to 100 kg of various goods and transform the robotic universal platvorm to package delivery vessel.