All started with the autonomous robot ship NYMO that was created as a result of a cooperation project between Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech), HY Tech Comp OÜ and MEC marine engineering OÜ. Now the development of autonomous boats is continued in new company MindChip OÜ.

The multi-purpose autonomous robotic vessels built by MindChip are able to perceive the surrounding environment and complete predetermined missions without external interference. The robot ship recognizes various objects at sea and is able to make the necessary decisions without human intervention.

Those robotic ships serve both as an innovative product and a service delivery platform that can perform different tasks. Various working modules can be attached to the robotic ship floating platform, such as sonar, suitable for different surveys of seabed and fish shoals, oil spill detection sensors, cameras, equipment suitable for underwater work etc. It is an open platform. As client you can integrate your own devices with it.

Robotic ship can be sent on a mission, giving it mission points for navigation and various actions, either via a mobile application or computer based operator software. As the robotic ship monitors the surroundings and the movement routes of other ships, it is able to alter predetermined movement vectors to avoid a collision. Machine vision and machine learning algorithms are being used to teach the robot ship and enhance its navigation and object avoidance abilities.

  • The product solves the problem with labour force. Human as working unit is expensive, its training is time-consuming and the requirements for working environment high.
  • We are better than our competitors because we use a modular robot ship configuration that can be easily modified to perform various tasks.
  • We have focused on short distances near the coast. There are full-electric and diesel-electric versions of autonomous vessels available.