Maritime Situational Awareness & Autonomous Navigation Solution developed by MindChip and TalTech

The control tower allows the operator to remotely control the vessel and allso switch it to fully autonomous mode


  • Far- & near-field object detection
  • 360º vision
  • Remote control and distant monitoring
  • COLREG based navigational decisions & control
  • Ethernet or WiFi connection to ship control systems
  • Customized interface controller to communicate with ship control systems


  • AIS (class B)
  • X-band maritime Radar (up to 36 nm visibility)
  • 4x mmRadar (up 100 m visibility)
  • GPS module 4G, WiFi, satellite communications
  • 12x CAMERAS
  • 4x Machine vision cameras
  • 8x distance measurement cameras
  • 1x PTZ camera (360º vision)
Computer vision, object detection