Water surface cleaning robot for ports

This autonomous vessel is fully electric and specifically developed for port operations. It is designed for cleaning up oil spills and debris in port areas. The vessel is equipped with an oil spill detection sensor that activates an oil skimmer upon detecting oil, collecting all the oil contamination. The vessel operates fully autonomously and is ready to respond immediately when oil pollution is detected. The operational costs of this autonomous vessel are approximately five times lower than those of manned solutions.

The robot ship is currently under development. Will be completed in the spring of 2025!

Max payload100kg
Operation speed3knots
Full electric, operation range25 kWh, 8 hkWh, h
Propulsion power2 x 1,2kW
Electrical drive voltage48V
Control system voltage12V
Connectivity5G, 4G, 433 MHz, WIFI, AIS
Sensors3 LIDARs, 4 x mm-radars, 4 x cameras, magnetometer
anemometer, gyroscope, depth finder, oil detection sensor
Safety equipmentAIS, radar reflector, navigation lights
Cleaning equipmentOli skimmer, collecting tank 300 L. chemistry tank, chemistry spray, oil sopep