Robot ship is both an innovative product and a service delivery platform that can perform different tasks as well parcel and cargo transportation services. Various modules can be attached to the robotic ship base platform, such as sonar, suitable for different surveys of seabed and fish shoals, oil spill detection sensors, cameras, equipment suitable for underwater work etc. It is an open platform. As client you can integrate your own devices with it.


Technical parameters

Mechanical dimensions of the ASV
Max payload100kg
Max speed11km/h
Operation speed5.6km/h
Operation range70km
Electrical drive voltage48V
Control system voltage12V
Connectivity5G, 4G, 433 MHz, WIFI, AIS
Sensors3 LIDARs, radar, camera, magnetometer
anemometer, gyroscope, depth finder
Safety equipmentAIS, radar reflector, navigation lights
Technical parameters of the ASV.